Late for school

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Today was a return to school for all the kiddies, so therefore a return to TAFE for this kiddy. By a staggering coincidence, I found myself dropping a mail bag at the far end of Balga at midday, exactly how last term started. The difference this time was the next stop in Dianella that I still had to do.
I decided it wasn’t worth stressing about, so I did the run, went home, had a shower and left around the time I was due to arrive.

So how did I find myself in this situation after i swore I wasn’t going to let it happen again.

I think I am a workaholic, or maybe I *gasp* take pride in doing the job.
I know the posties at Malaga delivery are happy with the work I do, I know the boss is also happy. I also know that I didn’t do the run for two days a few months back when I had that cold I just couldn’t seem to shake.
As a result they are happy to feed me with the greater portion of work, so when they knew there was a splatter of mail to still go out, they decided that I could do it because I don’t mess around with the run and I don’t complain too much.

When they realised I had plans they were going to put some of the bags in the bosses car and run them out, but I figured it wouldn’t make that much difference if I was a little late, so I took them myself.

Got to TAFE and there were only about 5 people there, so I didn’t need to stress.

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