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Something funny I saw on the way to Jarrahdale –
Run of the mill radio announcers Zara, Troy and Bernie are having some kind of competition where the caption is “What are they up to now?”.
Some wag, with a sense of wit and a can of black paint made a rather poignant statement about the quality of their broadcast on several billboards

What are they up to now?
Easily becomes
What        the       p  o    o    ?

My thoughts exactly.

Well I did a stupid thing this afternoon.

The kids were out the back narking each other, and I was getting pretty fed up with having to go out and separate them.
Jamie was deliberately getting in Emily’s way as she was riding her bike, and then she would start hitting him.

With yelling recommencing outside, I looked out the kitchen window and saw Jamie blocking Emily, and Emily rocking her bike forwards to push him out of her way

This just made him more determined to stay put

I knocked on the window and told them to move, and of course they ignored me. I knocked a little harder…
And put my hand through it

Well, that certainly stopped the kids from fighting, instead they started crying. They get so highly strung when something happens that is “wrong”.
I went out and picked them up, putting them down on the garden swing. I was worried that if they moved they would get glass in their feet. They were both pretty much howling and I was trying to comfort them, telling them that it was OK and that I would get the window fixed.

Emily was concerned (or fascinated) with the amount of blood on my hand, Jamie went and got me a bandaid (yeah, just one), but I felt it was more important to get the glass cleaned up first.
Besides, it wasn’t like I had severed an artery or anything.
Oh and its a good thing I kept the box the washing machine came in!

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