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Sunday –
Took the kids up to Darlington with my parents. They wanted to go to an antique and collectables fair up there and I thought it would be nice to go along too.
There was a nice little park next to the hall where the fair was being held, so I took Emily and Jamie over and they played for ages on the swings and slides.
I’ve missing them so much this week. I’ve been feeling a little depressed since Sunday evening

Sunday evening I was all mopey and just couldn’t be bothered doing anything. I was doing a bit of reading on the net, passed loosely off as doing homework.
About 9pm, I decided that I really should eat, and lacking any form of motivation to actually cook, I headed off to Red Rooster (link to follow).
I took the drive thru to Chicken and Chips, and headed home.

When I got there the cupboard was bare… Well, at least, the Chicken and Chips pack was. It was rather lacking in chips.
Fuming, I drove back to the store and asked them if they considered that to be a fair amount of chips. The manager explained, showing me a small chips container, that they have a scoop that gives enough chips to fill one of these

I looked at the small box, looked down at my meal, looked back at the box and said “right! You think that there are enough chips in here to fill that box?”
Throwing the chicken aside I picked up all the chips and dropped them into the chip box. It didn’t even fill half way up. The manager insisted that there would have been the right amount of chips in the box when I left, so I insisted on raising my voice and swearing.

Yes I got my chips!

I was looking on the Red Rooster website (mostly for a complaints or contact page) and I just thought I would share with you what you get when you have too much money (but not enough sense) to spend on a website. I don’t know why some web designers feel that it is ok to say “here is our platform, if you want to view our site you can either conform to what WE want, or you can get stuffed!”

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