Emily’s Burn

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We had a little mishap yesterday evening.

It was shortly after shower time and the kids were running around half dressed and generally being over excited, which is pretty much a norm just before bedtime, when Jamie pushed Emily into the heater.
I saw it happen, but it was just too quick to prevent, she only brushed the heat grill on the top, but it was enough to give her a nasty burn on her bottom.

She screamed and I ran to her. I had a look at her backside but I couldn’t see anything.
Never the less, I picked her up and took her into the bathroom, turned on the tap… And noticed the series of strip burns starting to show up.

I ran cold water over the burn for 15 minutes, and then I put a wet towel over it, called Amanda and dragged her over to have a look at it. We were both unsure whether to take her into the hospital, or to wait to see a GP in the morning, so I rang the government Health Info Line to get some advice.
They asked if the burn was larger in area than her palm, which it was, and then suggested we go straight down to the hospital.

I rang my mum to ask if she could come over and babysit, but she had visitors and said it would be easier if we took Jamie over to their place. Amanda and I took Emily down to PMH .
Well, apparently it was a busy night for them, there is a flu hitting Perth at the moment, so there were lots of kids being bought in and not enough beds. We spent nearly three hours in triage, just waiting to get a bed in emergency. Plenty of people were arriving after us, and getting in before us. The good thing was, once we got in, it was very quick.

Emily slept for most of this time, I got a neck cramp watching the footy on TV.
I hate watching the footy!

She is feeling a lot better. She was busy telling the doctor and the nurse that Jamie pushed her into the heater, fire hot, Jamie’s naughty!
Oh and she’s proud of the “bandaid” (burn dressing) she has on her butt!

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