TAFE – Chapter 2

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TAFE (take 2).
Work ran late. I should have expected it because today was my first day back and all I wanted to do was go home, have a shower and get changed before I headed out there.
But it was a heavy mail day, all the people getting their monthly foxtel magazines through the post meant that there was a large amount of mail to shift.

I was supposed to be in Midland for 12.30, but I didn’t finish in Balga until midday, and although I could have gone straight there and been on time, I really felt I needed that shower.
So home I went.

And out I went

I made it to TAFE, and I was only 5 minutes late. Not a bad effort really considering distance. How I did it… I’d rather not say!

Don’t forget to look at my Photo Friday entry. Go on, It makes me feel vindicated in spending all that time, (oh ok… about 15 minutes) writing the page.
Next week I want to have a GOOD photo on there.
Just for the record, I’m getting a few hits from the link direct from the Photo Friday website.

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