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I’ve … acquired a cat!

Amanda’s nana doesn’t want her cat any more and was going to send it to the cat haven but because he’s a tabby, and not young he would probably just end up getting put down, so when Amanda said do you want him, I couldn’t say no.
I had been thinking of getting a cat for a little while, so it kinda worked out well.

Emily is into the next stage of her toilet training, that is, going overnight without a nappy.
I made preparations today, brought extra sheets, as well as a cheap shower curtain to place under the sheet to protect the mattress.
While Emily was in the bath I prepared her bed, which was not an easy task because her mattress sits really snug in between the safety rails of the top bunk.
Anyway I did it, but when I went to put her to bed she wanted the BOTTOM bunk. She didn’t even climb the ladder.
Murphys law!
So in the end I grabbed a couple of towels and put them under the sheet. Hopefully that will be enough.

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