Shopping with kids

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I noticed the other day when I was going through my site stats that the Inktomi spider had been on this site. As I haven’t submitted this site to any of the search engines, this bot must have crawled from a site with a link to this site.
Unfortunately, as I don’t have server statistics to the same level as I do with my other sites, I couldn’t say how much of the site it parsed.
Interestingly enough, within 22 hours I had two separate hits from two US military computers. As they were at exactly the same time I will assume one of these hits was a server and the other was the workstation actually accessing the website.
Wonder if my little piece on the Gulf War II had anything to do with it.

I stopped off at the supermarket with the kids this afternoon, and as per usual, they wanted to run up the aisles and laugh and squeal.
Unless they start getting out of hand, I tend to let them go, its a lot better than having them screaming to get out of the trolley.
Besides, children should be seen, and heard, and loved, and cherished… etc!

One other woman, pushing her infant around in a trolley obviously doesn’t share my view as she tuned to her partner and said “If those were my kids I’d kill them!” (Thinking back now, I think she did it FOR my benefit!)
I turned around and looked at her and growled “Well they’re NOT your kids”.

My kids were guilty of being kids. They were running around, playing happily with each other. They were NOT out of control, they were NOT disobedient. When it was time to go through the checkouts, they didn’t run off.
Jamie picked up a chocolate bar, and on being told no, put it straight down.

I do believe in discipline, but that doesn’t mean that my kids have to be emotional cripples either!

Getting off my soapbox now i would like to wish my American readers a Happy Independence day.

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