Unwell Emily

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Well… I see NO ONE wanted to make any suggestions for a business name. Damn it, now I’M going to have to do the thinking. Where’s the fun in that. If I wanted to do it myself I wouldn’t have palmed it off to you lot
But seriously…

Poor Emily, she was not a well girl yesterday. It has been rather cold these last few days and I wanted to go down to K-Mart and get some warmer clothes for both of them as well as a dressing gown for Jamie.
We never made it.

Emily had complained about a sore stomach earlier in the day, but I didn’t think anything of it, (actually I thought it was to do with something else entirely… but that’s a different story!) and it was several hours later before we actually left for the shops.
I think in a way I’m glad she lost the contents of her stomach in the van before we got to the Galleria. I don’t know what I would have done if she had just started doing that in the mall.
Of course, I had the WORST run with the traffic, but I guess these things are to be expected.

We got home, I cleaned her up, put her in the bath and gave her some Panadol and she seemed to pick up a little after that. I ended up calling my mum, leaving her to baby sit while I ran off to the shops myself.

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