Upcoming trip to Jakarta

We have a minor dilemma with our upcoming trip to Jakarta and it’s got nothing to do with the bombings at the Marriot and Ritz Carlton last week and the subsequent (and highly predictable) travel warning issued by the Australian government.

The airline we’re traveling with is suspending their Tuesday flights in mid August meaning that, while our flight to Jakarta remains unchanged, the return flight will either have to be two days earlier or two days later. They say this is due to economic downturn, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the terrorist attack has something to do with it.

The problem with this is purely the decision! The heart is saying it would be nice to extend the holiday by a couple of days but the head has really good and practical reasons as to why we should come home two days earlier.

We’re leaning towards head rather than heart, simply for the number of reasons to come back earlier – Being that Thomas and Cameron will miss a whole week of school if we return on Thursday (arriving back in Perth early Friday morning), that we’ll be really tired when Emily and James come for the weekend and of course I’ll have work to catch up on.

As far as work goes, I’ll be taking my notebook computer and organising a skype out number as well as getting a local cell number, so I’ll be completely contactable.

When it comes to holiday snaps I’ll probably be limited on the posting of photos due to the fact that my version of Photoshop is too graphically intensive to run on my notebook and my old old version of PS doesn’t run on Vista. I’m sure Lia will be posting some on Facebook though!

Update: We’ve booked the return flight for the Sunday, so we’ll be coming back two days earlier.

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