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One week later and I have got much more done. I have US$50 for the visas, a little over a million rupiah in ready currency as well as Australian dollars. Lia has been packing for the last two weeks and kinda panicking because I have done nothing. Not to worry because tonight I packed.

I have my High Sierra backpack and case which can connect as a single unit however while separated, each piece is small enough to be classed as carry on luggage. In this I have packed my laptop, clothing, shoes, towel and all the power adapters in it. Lia on the other hand has two massive pieces of luggage each one around three times bigger than my bag.

In her defence though, one of the bags contains a massive amount of gifts that she’s pretty much been forced to buy for family and friends… and family of friends.. and friends of family of friends friends…


Tuesday was my last night at work and I was planning to get home on time but my close driver is quite slow and then on top of that the cool room decided to stop working just after close, followed shortly by the router on the LAN. No idea if the two are related (a surge perhaps) but it meant that I had to transfer all the meats out of the cool room and put them in the refrigerated make line cabinet.

I managed to get a lot of work done over the last couple of days, I even went out for dinner with family on Wednesday night although I was practically falling asleep at the restaurant. We had Thai and I probably had a bit too much of the green curry.

Today the twins flew to Sydney, tomorrow it’s our turn to fly.

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  1. On September 21, 2007 at 5:00 pm liadella said:

    ha ha ha.. “her defence” ? but hey.. lucky “someone” remembered to pack your sleeping tshirt :P

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