7 Days

It’s already after 4am on Friday morning and I really should be hauling my sorry self off to bed instead of blogging but here I am.

As it’s Friday it’s just one week before Lia and I depart to Jakarta and Bali. We’re also making a day trip to the island she was born, Bangka which is just off the coast of Sumatra. That’s kind of exciting because I’ve never been to Sumatra and, while it’s not the mainland, I can check it off the list of places I want to visit.

One week to go and I have not got any local currency yet. I have not even got my US$25 for the visa on arrival (It actually has to be paid in US dollars and they don’t make change).

I also have a swag of projects I really want to get finished..

So here I am at 4.27am, wasting time!

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  1. Have a good trip. I think it will be a little warmer than where I’ll be in Scotland!

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