It’s simple in theory

In my office I have three working computers and a semi-working Linux box. It’s not necessary as we really only need to have two and the desk that my dad built was designed for two and so the other machines are sitting on a dodgy looking table which is not the best impression to make when clients come over.

With that in mind I have decided to move Jamie’s XP machine and the nix box to the family room and, seeing as I have a wireless network, It would be stupid to be running Cat5 through the house.

I have a spare wireless PCI card which I attempted to get working with Linux but I couldn’t find drivers for it. As it’s a generic brand that doesn’t really surprise me so I’ll probably have to get a Netgear or D-Link card to get that running properly.

As the wireless card was not working in the Linux box I decided to try it in Jamie’s computer. It recognised and found my network but kept saying that the network service was unavailable. I am hoping now that this is because the computer is still running SP1

I had avoided installing SP2 because the version of Norton I had on the machine was incompatible but as that has now expired a new AV client has been installed the reason for not upgrading has been removed.

Installing the SP2 should be a fairly simple affair but that was not the case. As the machine is used by the kids and they only have limited access accounts I have been lax in doing updates on that machine so I had to install all the updates before I could look at downloading the SP2.

All 59 updates downloaded and the install process just started the very last one when suddenly Jamie’s machine and Lia’s machine went dead much to the annoyance of Putri who was doing (and not saving) homework. It turns out that Lia had turned on the kettle, the rice cooker, the deep fryer AND the dishwasher which are all on the same line throwing the circuit breaker.

I should get an UPS for Lia’s machine

I rebooted the computer and finished the updates but SP2 refused to download. I tried through the auto updater and through the http server but to no avail. In the end I had to go through the self help section, into the downloads, add the service pack to the cart and then download.

Five hours after first starting I am only now installing the package.

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