Moving II

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Ok I have moved now… And I have also made some changes to my broadband account. When I first went for ADSL a little over 3 years ago I found a good value account at base level speed and, as I don’t do a lot of downloading it has done me well for this time but moving house motivated me to make a minor change.

What started as a mid level account slowly over time became Arachnet’s business account as essentially the price did not change but the benefits and downloads kept increasing. For a while I have been thinking about dropping down to a lower account as I really don’t need unlimited downloads and I don’t need a dialup additional account, when for the same price I can get twice the speed as I had before.

If I was going to upgrade the line speed I would have to pay a reconnection fee to Telstra and I didn’t really feel that it was that important to get a little extra speed, but seeing as I have moved and had to now pay the reconnection fee because the account was transferred to a new location it became the perfect opportunity to do the upgrade.

I am surprised at how quickly the account was churned to the new address too. I remember when I moved 2 and a half years ago it took nearly two weeks to get the account transferred over. I made the request to move this account on Tuesday afternoon last week and was still using the computer at my old house until the phone was disconnected on Thursday.

I spent last night and part of this morning reassembling my LAN and the computers and then this afternoon I crawled into the roof to move a phone cable from the back living area to the formal living area (which has been converted into my office).

Around 4pm I connected Jamie’s machine to the Internet as it’s the only one with a modem in it and was able to check my email. One hour after that I had a phone call from Arachnet letting me know my account had been re-established.

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