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At work I do pretty much the same thing each day, especially with the city mail deliveries. One of the buildings I go into I have 5 different floors to visit and I only have to get out of the lift on one of them.
I leave that floor till last and do the others by placing the mail just outside the lift door. It’s really very quick.

Last week, however I got to the lifts in the basement of this building and there was a woman already waiting for the lift which always makes me feel awkward about pressing 4 different floors. It’s never really a problem though, because I am quick (only throwing the mail out the door) and it’s no different to a few people getting in the lift and selecting their floors.

Well. Didn’t that upset her!

She got out on the second floor that I stopped on and went to call a different lift telling me how inconsiderate I am. I apologised to her and said that I am being as quick as I can, that’s just my non-confronting nature..

This is what I wanted to say to her…

Yes, you are right. It is totally inconsiderate. After all, I am just doing my job, the same thing I do every day where as you are going out of your way to imply that your time is more valuable than mine. I would say that is very inconsiderate

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