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100 Things concepts have been around for quite a while and at times I have often been tempted to do one of my own. (If you do not know what “100 Things” are, essentially it is a list of 100 personal bits of information delivered on a personal website such as this.)

So tempted, but often resisted partly due to the effort it would actually take me to get off my arse (oh no, wait.. It’s better to sit on my arse when I type) and do it, and partly because there is some information I would not feel right leaving off such a list, however I also have to bear in mind that my mother and my ex-wife read this site and that a link to it appears in the portfolio of my commercial site..


While this might surprise some of my readers, I am in some ways quite introverted. I am comfortable with this medium, but I really don’t go out of my way to promote this site or share it around too much. Hell, I even tend to avoid writing comments, leaving messages in forums and messaging strangers in chat and IM programs, although I do find that once the initial contact has been made I am fine after that point.

In this last week two people, whose sites I frequently read, have posted 100 Things lists. The first is Wyn who I first met after he commented on my website..and the other is Will Burnham, another contributor to the two photo memes that I regularly contribute to and someone who I have developed a great deal of respect for as a photographer since discovering his work (Yes, after he left a comment on my site).

So I pose this question.. Do you think I should write a 100 Things list? I’m putting my vote down as a no, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t do one if people overwhelmingly say yes.

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