I’ve been incredibly slack and not blogged for a while, mostly because I have been quite tired.
Despite having a fair slab of sleep over the weekend I just haven’t had the energy. Also I have been busy with my Post job which really hasn’t left me with a lot of time for other things.

The trouble with lack of motivation, of course, is that the idea’s you might have to write about get lost because you neglect to write notes, tie pieces of string around your finger, or what ever it is you normally do to jog your memory.

Having said that, there are a couple of things that have been in my head and are probably not enough for an individual post of their own.

I used to deliver the payslips (not the cash, just the bit of paper to say how much went into the bank) to one of the large department stores in the city once a fortnight with the mail. I got just over $5 to deliver it, which is not a lot, but as i have to go there anyway its not too bad. Anyway, the store in question¬† stopped using the data company they had previously been using to use one based in the eastern states. While I would like to have that extra five dollars a fortnight, it’s not really worth worrying about..

Anyway, on Monday when I delivered their mail I noticed 3 decently weighted parcels for the person in charge of their payroll at the Perth store. It seems that their new data company is sending out the payslips in the post. As a result, I still get to deliver them once a fortnight, this time without being paid for the courier job.
Once again, I’ve been screwed!

Photo Friday this week was actually a lot of fun, I have been meaning to talk about it for a few days and … (see above lack of motivation)

Self Portrait is a hard subject because its not just a snapshot, but a glimpse of how you perceive yourself as well. Conveniently, the week before, I had bought a mini tripod for my camera. I had wanted to get a tripod for a while but thought the idea of having a compact digital camera on one would look perspective out of balance.

While looking around the local shops I found this cute little tripod designed just for the purpose of holding compact cameras for less than the price of lunch. Had to get it. Glad I did!

My photo was taken using this tripod and on countdown mode. I deliberately set up other photo’s of myself up on the computer. I didn’t want to look into the camera, but you will notice that I am not actually looking at the computer either, after all, people didn’t need to see the back of my head.

There have been a lot of entries in this weeks Photo Friday. Maybe it appeals to their egos or maybe it was just a really fun assignment this week. I did notice there were a lot of people taking photos of themselves hiding behind their cameras. I think one person summed it up saying that Photographers prefer to be away from the lens and that’s why they are photographers! Mind you, I think there were a high proportion who were going “Check out my camera!”

Speaking of checking out my camera, Joe from Scotland has requested a photo of my camera. Yes I will get that done, its just one of a long list of things I have been putting off.

Finally. There is a Doctor Who book that I have been trying to get for quite a while. It was the Target novelisation of the second doctor story “The Wheel in Space”. These books would have retailed at around ¬£2 when first published, but are currently going on eBay for around ¬£25. It is the rarest of all the Doctor Who stories and I am happy to say I picked it up on eBay last night for only $26US which is considerably cheaper. Not really a bargain, but definitely a happy purchase.

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