I’m falling apart

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If I didn’t procrastinate I could have had two (sort of) interesting posts, but now you will just have to make do with one long and boring one!

For a little while now I have had a nagging sore throat. Nothing really serious, just a mild irritation and occasional slight burning sensation which was enough for me to actually make an appointment with the doctor,

It’s not a case of me being afraid to visit the doctors, or a dislike of doctors that make me tardy when it comes to visiting them but my general habit of procrastinating coupled with that typically male feeling of indestructibility towards my health. So for me to go to the doctors is pretty unusual.

I decided to have a general check-up, get a new prescription for my asthma puffer and ask about the throat.

Everything appeared normal on the check-up and the doctor was happy with my blood pressure and general health, but as the irritation was too far down the throat for her to see she gave me a referral to see an Ear Nose and Throat specialist, suggesting that if it was still bothering me in a week or so I should make an appointment.

I actually waited a little longer than a week because of Easter, it was closer to two weeks when I actually made the appointment, which to my surprise was available that very afternoon.

The ENT doctor did a quick look around and suggested that it might be a persistent irritation caused by stomach acids (I have a hiatus hernia which causes reflux) coupled with the chemicals such as the ventolin, but he referred me to get a pathology test done which I did straight after his appointment, as well as a referral to go to the Osborne Park hospital for a Barium Swallow.

The Barium Swallow, which I had done on Friday is basically a series of x-rays taken while swallowing a rather foul tasting Barium solution.

I went back to the ENT specialist yesterday and got the results, which were surprising.

The pathology reports came back clear with no nasty bugs and more importantly, no malignant cells but the x-rays showed something I was not expecting

The irritation in my throat appears to be caused by arthritis in my neck, or as the radiologists report says –

There is slight osteophytic formation extending S from the adjacent end plates of C5/6 and C6/7 causing minor indentation of the posterior wall of the upper oesophagus and possibly responsible for the patient’s symptoms.

The ENT specialist said that if he had seen this kind of x-ray from someone his age (early 60’s?) he would have been happy with the results, but I am only 35. In a way I am also happy because, despite my confidently telling my friends that it is probably nothing serious, my cynical and slightly hypochondriac nature was screaming cancer!
I also haven’t had chance to let the implications of having arthritis sink in yet.

So now the question remains as to why I have it. My theory is that, looking at it from a holistic approach, it is relating to my flat feet.

They have already caused problems with my knees because my stance is not correct and the cartilage has been worn away by the consistent rubbing from the bones. It would not be a long bow to draw that if my feet are causing my posture to be incorrect then surely my knees may not be the only thing affected by them.

So, it is back to the doctor again this afternoon and we’ll see where we go from here

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