Networking the Wind’ohs way

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I noticed a coding error in the server side include, or at least.. something I thought should work, didn’t, resulting in the post “updated” script being updated across the board on the index page. Make sense? Probably not, but its not important for readers and its only a minor glitch for me.

On a more positive note I was able to fix a networking problem on my parents LAN that had been driving me insane. They have a two machine peer to peer network which, once set up, totally failed to work. I spent ages scratching my head at the problem, both machines were in the same workgroup, they had different names on the network, they both had the same protocols and clients installed and they both responded to pings across the network. It really did have me stumped for quite a while until I started doing a lot of googling and a lot of reading.

On the notebook computer everything looked fine, the computer was showing up in Network Places, however the desktop was a different story. It couldn’t even see itself on the network, let alone another machine.

By using the various “net” commands in the command line I was able to track down an error code which, by all accounts, was the Microsoft XP built in firewall.
Strange, I thought to myself, as I wasn’t using the firewall. It wasn’t ZoneAlarm either, I am well aware that not setting the firewall correctly can cause networking sessions to be blocked.

I’m not 100% sure but I think the problem was in the user account that was upgraded from when it was a Windows 98 machine. It shared the same name on the machine as the machine itself. As XP is a true multi-user OS, I think this is where the problem lay.
Anyway, I deleted and re-created the account (with a slightly different name) and .. success!

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