Bleh, work!

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Because it was my first day back after a four day weekend, the world is trying to get me!

I have been feeling a little sore for the last couple of days, the kind of achy sore you get when you have been hit by a virus, and last night I felt like shit. I kept waking up with extreme thirst, drink nearly a litre of water, go back to sleep only to wake up about an hour later, still extremely thirsty with a bladder ready to burst.

At 4am I woke up (early) and couldn’t get back to sleep again.

Although I was running a slight temperature, I knew I would have to go to work. It’s nearly impossible for me to get time off at the best of times, can you imagine me calling up after the Christmas weekend. There’s no way in hell they would believe me!

Then, two minutes after I left the house, I heard a thud, thud, thud, thud noise and I thought “Oh no, not again”. Thankfully this time there was no flat tyre, there was, however, a large screw fairly well embedded in the tread. In the end I had to get a screwdriver out to remove it. No damage to the tyre and because it is the Christmas period and it is a little quieter than usual, I was able to catch up fairly quickly.

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