The eve of eve

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Just a quick sum up while I take a break from cleaning.

I had some grand plans for the menu this evening, but I have decided to scale it down a bit, partly due to cost and partly because if I keep going I am going to have leftovers for a month. I have got some nice cheese for a platter as well as the customary chips and crackers.

Once people start arriving I will be serving up vegetarian spring rolls, prawns, smoked salmon and chicken wings marinated in honey and soy with dinner to be a chicken casserole served with vegies and a potato bake.

Potato bakes are decadent and yet very easy to make. Layers of potato, onion and cream then put in the oven. So simple to prepare, cooks without needing to be fussed over and always goes down a treat.

Dessert is going to be Christmas fruit cake, fruit mince pies and that great Aussie tradition, a Pavlova.

That is all for now.. Back to it!

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