Plans for Xmas eve

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I have decided to have a gathering for Christmas this year.
Regular readers will know that I have done Christmas dinner in the past and invited the family around. These meals were large affairs for about 15 people from both mine and Amanda’s families.

Last year, with the separation, my precarious financial situation and the fact that the kitchen in my rental house wouldn’t have been up to it, I decided not to do anything.
This year things are a lot better so I had to succumb to the urge and put my hand up for Christmas Eve.

So now I have to plan a menu, and while I like to put on food that’s a little more towards the gourmet side, Christmas Eve is when we catch up with my Uncle M and his family, and they are more into the pizza and party pies variety. Still, some finger food and nibblies.. maybe some chicken.. how about a cheeseboard. I could get some of that lovely Margaret River cheese.

Hmm.. It’s not so much a blog as me throwing random idea’s together for a meal. Still if it works, then it is a good thing.

Oh and for those who were interested in previous menu’s and can’t be bothered looking through the archives for them –
Christmas menu 2000
Christmas menu 2001

Bon Appetite

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