Christmas Tree

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Well, I know it isn’t quite December yet, but I figured that it would be nice for Emily if I set up the Christmas tree today rather than during the week. I didn’t tell her that we were going to set up the tree, although I had planned it during the week, and today was the only suitable day to do it.

This morning, I told her that I wanted to do some cleaning and she should watch a movie while I did it. I then told her that after I had cleaned up, we were going to do something special.
She watched Pokemon, and I cleaned up and moved some furniture around.

When I was done, I went and got the decorations down and laid them out on the bed. Following that I got the tree out of my closet and dragged it into the lounge room.

“What’s this?” I asked her. “Christmas tree” was the response.

Put the tree up, added the lights, then Emily helped by putting on the baubles and ornaments. OK, so she put them all in one little spot down the bottom corner, but hell, she enjoyed herself.

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