Xmas = t-4weeks

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” (Sing along if you know it!)

Yeah so it is now exactly 4 weeks till Christmas, sorry to say, and we are well and truly past that day in September when all the stores put their decorations up. My latest problem is one of a burgeoning mail box.

As I have a private mailbox at one of the Post Offices I visit for work, I’m not actually in the habit of checking my mail at home, so it is becoming a pain in the arse to see more promotional junk sticking out of the damn thing every time I pull into the driveway.

I’m currently inflicted with catalogs from all the major department stores, discount stores, hardware stores, jewellery stores and when that’s got too much for you there are liquor store leaflets, so you can work out exactly which variety of alcohol you are going to get smashed on in some vain attempt to ignore all the crap that is piling up in your mail.

Speaking of mail and Christmas, the boss at Malaga reminded me that Sunday deliveries would be commencing soon and wanted to make sure I was able to meet the demands.

I will be charging them double so yeah, I don’t mind working for a couple of hours on Sunday, besides, I am still enjoying the car.

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