it’s… A new car

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New car, Caviar, four star day dream, think i’ll buy me a football team.

I got my new car today and I’m still quite excited. I do feel a little sorry for the salesman. The valuation on my old car came back $4,000 short of what they gave me as a trade. They do get to make some of that up in the fleet discount though.

I can’t believe how long it took.
This is the third new car I have bought and I am sure the others didn’t take so long, although admittedly I didn’t get there until after 4pm after handing in my vanity plates to be retained at the licensing centre in Midland.
I plan to get them back tomorrow, or next Monday… Sometime when I am back out there.

I have to think about reinstalling my MP3 player too. That looks like its going to be a bitch of a job.

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