Feeling better

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I feel a little better now. These last couple of days have taken a lot out of me, I have been quite short of breath at times, especially when moving large amounts of mail around as I was this morning.
My breathing is getting better though. After the doctor left my place on Saturday morning, my mum took me to the pharmacy and we got the prescriptions filled, as well as getting a peak flow meter (to measure lung capacity) and a nebuliser.

On returning, I did a test and my reading on the peak flow meter was 390 litres per minute, which would be good if I were an 85 year old midget.
By the evening I was up around the 550 l/m mark, which was an improvement. This evening I am back over 600, which is probably closer to normal.

Trouble is, of course, I haven’t been testing prior to this, so I am unsure what my normal is. I guess time will tell

Doctor Who.
Tonight (I think I may have mentioned this a couple of times before) the ABC started doing re-runs of the classic sci-fi show. Unlike before, Auntie[?] has gone back to the old black and white episodes.

An Unearthly Child was first televised on the BBC in November 1963 and was shown here in Australia in 1965.
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