Chest Pains

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It turns out the WA Police are using Multanova speed cameras for revenue raising. –
South Perth’s Mill Point Road, the site of two deaths in 2002, had a multanova 14 times. Nearby Labouchere Road, a fatality-free road, was saturated 103 times.

Cameras were set up on 255 days on the blackspot-free stretch of West Coast Highway between Trigg and City Beach but were not erected once on nearby West Coast drive, where a person was killed.

Two road deaths on the freeway system – totalling 136kms – were used to justify hundreds of multanova placements last year and a blitz in May this year. Read more

I’d like to say I’m surprised.


If you’re a casual reader of this page and not someone who knows me you are probably unaware that I have mild asthma.
It’s not really a problem, every now and again I get wheezy and I have a couple of puffs on my inhaler.

Except last night, when the Ventolin failed to do a thing.
I kept waking up coughing and spluttering and I just couldn’t catch my breath. By about 5.30am I started to get some quite painful chest pains and I just couldn’t lie down anymore.

In the end I called the Health Direct line that the government freely provides and they recommended I see a doctor within a couple of hours
My doctor was closed but their voicemail provided me with a number to call and they sent a doctor around to see me. (Yes, apparently they still have those kind!)

Well, it turns out I have been getting complacent and need to keep a closer eye on it now… Hmmm, sounds Vaguely familiar.

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